Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogs Run On Donations So I Have To Add Value & What Could Be Better Than A Black Willing To Slave For You?

It's like they're lynching themselves:


Of course, she was so proud of her words she immediately deleted them. And, by now, you guys know TMR's gonna keep bitching and moaning until whites stop bitching and moaning, so let's cut to the chase - and with a "bitch" and a "moan" - drop it:

BTW - speaking of "reasonable people" - I think, right here, I should admit that TMR's whole Racial Blogging Philosophy™ is currently based on Glenn Reynolds' brilliant "Win From Losing" ObamaCare strategy that's brought the Right so much politically. 

Already, the success of his Amazon portal has equaled the GOP losing an absolutely enormous number of votes.

You know what that means:

Working this super-potent race angle, my life of never-ending cash AND support are probably right around the corner as well,...

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