Monday, December 23, 2013

Enjoy It While It Lasts: White's Sense Of Entitlement Will Be Brushed Aside Within America's Sweep Of History

It seems incredible that Prof. William A. Jacobson - usually a good guy - couldn't understand why this tweet (above) was deemed racist, coming from a white South African, not long after Nelson Mandela's funeral.

But there the conservative is, ignorantly, declaring her the victim of a witch hunt.

He even goes so far as to label Sacco a liberal - Gasp! - when she's also known for Sarah Palin/DBQ-like comments, like the one below, sent directly to PETA:

Yep - Libs send kill-the-animals messages to PETA all-the-time.

Sacco's got a lot of other comments that would find fine company at Lem's Comment Home, or Althouse, and that no one at those blogs would find bothersome - because the Comment Home and Althouse (and Prof. Jacobson's) are almost-exclusively white hang-outs, without a clue or a care what Americans think or feel, who aren't like them.

I know - I used to hang out at both - and their confusion, along with a storied sense of entitlement as groups of white people, is off-the-charts outrageous.

Ann Althouse also took the Sacco controversy on - claiming Sacco merely made "a pointless, stupid remark" - once again discussing race while studiously avoiding mentioning the words "I'm white!" (Ann lied "[Sacco] joked about not getting AIDS") or the fact Sacco is a successful South African in the field of public relations AKA another high-functioning retard, like Ann, taking the place of someone - anyone - with integrity.

And - from all my research can tell - all of their success based only on the promotion of their sex, their lies, and the color of their skin.

I am getting a kick out of Ann's new "Hollywood" posts, though, where she talks about race, framing only whites, without ever mentioning blacks - suggesting all is/was right with the world because, out of the goodness of their hearts, whites have been handling racism all along without black input or effort.

Ann lies, again, that "Phil Robertson is Justine Sacco."

Considering - after Sacco's comments - Ann thinks, like Robertson, blacks are, have been, or should be, happy (but "belly-aching") darkies, that figures.

“Niggers Let This Be An Example. Do-Not-Touch-In 24 Hr. Mean it.”

"Justine Sacco is Ann Althouse."

Reversing Ann's "Hollywood" theme, I like how honored my "I'm white!" readers have gotten, since TMR started outting them as "whites" as they out blacks.

There's been a lot of love.

Love that feels a lot like a punch from those "black" kids in The Knockout Game - Matt Drudge did say it's "black" kids, right?

Trayvon Martin - also a "black" kid, correct?

They'll grow up, in America, never just being the "teens" white kids are and have been, will they?

If they are, they'll be "black" teens, with all that implies.

What does that imply?

Do you think black kids notice the difference - or ever have?

I wonder if whites do - or ever have?

Of course they have - they gloat about it - letting us know about how they're spending every single unearned dime.

I wonder if it ever occurs to whites that, if called out about my writing, as Sacco was, I wouldn't feel any compulsion to delete my posts and apologize?

That I would gladly defend myself with every expectation that, given a fair hearing, I would stand victorious over my accusers?

My accusers - who have called me a racist, a sexist, a bigot, and a homophobe - are known to run, and hide (and cry) when cornered.

They ignore my challenges in hope they can spread their message before reality can take hold again.

That's not my game - I told you - I've been instructed to wait:

You poor blonde ninny - I've told you this a billion times.

You, those like you, and your Bob Dylan-quoting, I-can-do-whatever-I-want-to-others NewAge ideologies, will be discovered as frauds:

And afterwards, like Nelson Mandela, my culture - America's real culture - will come for me:

And, then, I will do what I've been called to do all along.

But, until then, stay tuned:

And (ahem) Merry Christmas,...


  1. Heh, well...Merry Christmas to you too.


  2. Thank you and happy holidays. Thanks for all the thought-provoking blogging in 2013 and may Nature's God continue to bless you with good friends and health, love, and peace in the new year.