Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Althouse Marginalization: To Relegate Or Confine A Blog To The Lower Or Outer Limit Or Edge Of Social Standing

You know, as much as I try to love Ann Althouse, sometimes, she can be such a bitch that - like a lot of feminists - beating on her is the only option. Look at this:

And then, who does she go on to quote? Rush Limbaugh and Vanity Fair! Like - after years of participating on her blog - she missed me, repeatedly, saying:

The Crack Emcee, May 8, 2008

Look at that date - 2008. Or how about a post saying "This Is A Nice Profile For Mt. Rushmore":

The Crack Emcee, February 13, 2011

Meanwhile, here and at Althouse, I've always been predicting George W. Bush would grow in stature beyond the past assessment.

But no - to Ann, it's just her, Rush, and Vanity Fair.

I'm sorry, but I've been blogging too long with this pack of liars:

I call RACISM on the lot of them,....


  1. It's all relative. The only reason Bush looks good is that Obama is unable to cleanup the shit-stained landscape he inherited. Iraq is still a mess, the Taliban are taking back Afghanistan and the jobless recovery is producing record profits for the banks. It's a good thing we wasted all those haji's for nothing, then hired Goldman Sachs to run the economy into a huge meltdown.

    You keep getting high on your own supply, then brag about how some idiots are confirming your zoned out pipe dreams.

    You are not listening to Talib. He knows what he's talking about. You can give a man a drink, but you cant make him think.

  2. Like Obama, who some saw as the messiah, I don't think most ever really saw Bush or his "shit-stained" accomplishments. They've never been any better than Kanye claiming he doesn't like black people - their reading of events simply hasn't gelled with the facts.

    Obama didn't follow through? I didn't vote for him - twice - but, in regards to war, I'll still give him higher marks than most. Where's the context? Is it just seeing shit going wrong? That's just like the Bush critics. It's juvenile.

    Finally, if you can find someone else who can pull this shit from 2008 - when Bush was dead meat - go read them. If not, try to enjoy the show - you're here.

    I'm the guy trying to be culturally accurate - to a concept called "America" - and saying what I think you need to hear most.

    If that's getting high on my own supply, at least it's the good shit:

    These other fools are LATE,,...

  3. Anonymous,

    Now you've gone and pissed off your butt boy Meade.

    1) You say that every time I mention Althouse. It's tired.

    2) If I was his butt boy, why do I keep criticizing his WIFE?

    3) You're underserving of thought. Got lucky. Shame.

  4. Not to worry, ghetto trash, Meade will send you some money to help out with your section 8 housing. He's white like that.

    And thanks for thinking of me, EBT boy.

    But before I go, racist, did you see where your brethren lynched some white guys for "art"? Are you going to blog about that, you pavement ape?

  5. Yeah, I saw it, but why would I blog about it? It's stupid. Would you actually want me to treat you as stupid? Or give you some credit beyond the obvious?

    Don't BE stupid,...

  6. I'll concede your point if your meaning is that Obama is did not measure up to his Messianic billing and people have short memories of how bad things were 2003-2008, therefore, they will pine for Bush.

    As far as any real historical vindication of Bush, I don't see that now or down the road. IMO, that's a Glenn Reynolds HotAir chickenhawk wetdream.

    Unfortunately, that's a culturally accurate concept of "America".

  7. It's well understood on the left that George W Bush is the worst president ever.

    The "vindication" is that 5 years, alone, of Obama proves - even to those on the left who have one or more brain cells remaining - that Bush is far, far, far from the worst.