Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Bagoh20 Stops By - Acts White - Destroyed Christmas

With an online "friend" like bagoh20, who needs enemies?

Good guess but no, I learned it from those nice folks you hang out with.

I see you'd rather fight and scream names at me rather than them.

That should also be an education in how to get here.

Merry Christmas, bagoh:

And try to be of some use next year,...


  1. Acts White?
    Who's acting? You think it's easy being White? It takes a lot of work to handle all our daily shit and keep all you minorities down at the same time. I know what you're thinking: us Whites have a genetic advantage, a kind of racism gene or something that makes it easier for us to be racists, to screw over people, hold them down, and not even break a sweat. Maybe so, but at least we have the decency to feel guilty about it. You on the other hand are wear yours like a bullet proof vest. It's not the bullets that get you though, it's that damned vest slowing you down when you need to be nimble. What are you scared of all of a sudden?

  2. "With an online "friend" like bagoh20, who needs enemies?".

    Friends tell you the truth, regardless of how you will take it.

  3. Poor Crack the atheist baby boomer and race baiter is now whining that Christmas was ruined. What does that mean? Did Meade not send him more of Althouse's money or something?

    Where is Bing Crosby when you really need him?

  4. Those people were NEVER your friends.