Thursday, December 19, 2013

Another Day - Off To A Grand Start - AMERICAN FRAUD

I love the surprise here. Like they didn't know, aren't aware, had no clue what's going on.

I did a post, years ago, stating "Free Society From Fraud" but so what, right? 

How about "Totally Agro: Our Lives Are Surrounded (If Not Controlled) By New Age Fools And Charlatans"? Nobody cared. 

There was the always-delightful "Water Has A Memory (But We Understand Fraud)" and even "Fabulously Famous For Fraud" but - when Americans are faced with it - they still decide to pretend I'm the clueless moron while they try to register shock like they didn't know. Oooh, Bernie Madoff - Bad. You? You're a fucking genius.

Here's a Google search for all my posts, specifically, on the vitamin and supplement scam. And here's the always "smart and independent" definition of womanhood:

See? That's somebody, informed of the clear evidence, but she doesn't get angry and want revenge for misinformation swindling her out of thousands of dollars (and making her sound like a dummy at parties) while supporting criminals for decades - no, she's a willing idiot who wants to be taken advantage of! You can't stop her! I can't stop her! 

They're actually aspiring to be stupid!

Or rather - as Gwenyth and Madonna and the rest of the yoga pod people prove - they're aspiring to stay good looking enough to get laid while the rip-off is occurring.

And always in public, BTW.


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