Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snark And Slavery Money (Are All The Whites Have Left)

Even when being assholes, some of my readers are golden - not PW golden, but still golden. Ladies and Germs, I give you "Howard":

Sure, too easy - some just don't wanna. They enjoy the little white supremacist jolt of power they get from calling us "whiners" too much, to consider us as legitimately aggrieved Americans. That would spoil their centuries of "fun" with us, having to put up with them and their personal insecurities, always on display.

"This is how we get movies in which white lawyers defend innocent black men (To Kill a Mockingbird, A Time to Kill). It's how we get romances — Jezebel, Gone With the Wind, Cold Mountain — that use the antebellum South and Civil War as backdrops but feature either the most entertaining black slaves or almost no slaves at all. It's how you get Mississippi Burning, a thriller about three murdered civil-rights activists in which even the one-dimensional racists have bigger speaking parts than any black person.

It's how you get Cry Freedom, a thriller about Steve Biko (Denzel Washington) that mostly locks Biko into flashbacks while a white journalist (Kevin Kline) tries to flee apartheid-era South Africa; a movie about the death of Medgar Evers that's focused on his assassin; Steven Spielberg legislative historical dramas about white men fighting over who owns black people and what it means to do so. It's how you spend 35 minutes hearing Christoph Waltz talk and talk in Django Unchained and get nervous that Quentin Tarantino momentarily forgot what his movie was called. 

 ...The power of McQueen's movie is in its declaratory style: This happened. That is all, and that is everything."

And then there's the whole issue of them being the problem to begin with. They can't admit that, any more than TV's Archie Bunker could, or Defense in the movie "Falling Down". That's why it took a black Englishman to make 12 Years a Slave:

With few exceptions, white Americans have never been willing to admit the truth of who and how they are to others, and - until Brad Pitt - they definitely haven't been finding the money for fact-finding tours, either.

This blog is called The Macho Response.

Whites - especially white women - are special people. We hear it all the time. They are told, before the entire world, they "deserve" things - things black women have to work a lifetime to dream about. Go to the racist outpost of France - white American women love it - everything's "the best!" Feeling good about themselves, historically, has been the most important activity white culture has ever known. 

As I've pointed out countless times, despite all the NewAge Western-Buddhist "be humble" talk, the architects of Manifest Destiny are never going to humble themselves. Even I-look-so-nice Ann Althouse is defiant about it - you can beg her and she'll never apologize for anything. (It's revealing the lesson Ann's taken from being attacked online is to aggressively exploit others for money - and toughen up - not to be more honest,...) So what does that say about the rest of you? That you're "easy to get along with"?

Hardly. It says you've always been more-than-willing to drive others to distraction, as a means to selfishly get your way, right and wrong be damned.

We're on to you - especially that "arrogant" Obama - isn't it ugly to see someone behave that way? Yeah, uh-huh, sure.

You're the experts.

But your hypocrisies don't matter anymore. Anyone can see, now, you're maintaining a facade. "The check is in the mail." Very cute.

Typical white guys:

Cracking each other up at parties,...

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  1. Reparations are a bad idea. I'm too myopic for the big picture so here's how it's going to mess ME up. My girl friend, who's my best friend and the woman I love, is black. Right now I can hold my own with her but when she gets her million and a half the balance of power I've worked diligently to maintain is going to tip in her favor and could rekindle her bossy nature which I'd made some hard earned progress in curbing. She might leave Me at the curb and call a tow truck.

    I'd get by. "Retired white gentleman handy with tools seeks employment with nouveau riche black bourgeoisie to help work off guilt of slavery."

    What else can old redneck on social security do except laugh and try to keep the g/f happy. I don't care if you poke holes in my facade, Emcee. She could use the help. Judging from the previous comment, though, you got more serious things to deal with.