Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I Don't Have To Do Anything Wrong To Get In Hot Water

There's a lot of agendas out there, gumming up the works of freedom, distorting minds and thus, any real debate:

It's shameful when Dan Savage agrees with me before Ann Althouse - and such a betrayal - but then, blacks have always has had to rely upon the kindness of strangers.

Women and gays, women and gays, what's The Macho Response to women and gays? 

Turn things around like they do:

You don't say? 

You understand that position, do you? 

Got a little empathy for it, Ann? 

 That's very white - I mean quite perceptive of you.

Unfortunately, everybody copying black's tactics - to suit their own ends - hasn't gotten a single black person closer to our goals.

And - last I heard - that was supposed to be the point,...

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