Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Woo: If You've Got A Third Eye I've Got An Extra Target

Mormonism's malarky, but it's also a con job, so it's got bite:

They even suggest that Brigham Young actually wanted black members to be part of the church by referring to the quote, “blacks would ‘have [all] the privilege and more’ of other members in the future” from a speech in 1852, which also includes gems like, “Cain and his posterity must wear the mark which God put upon them; and his white friends may wash the race of Cain with fuller's soap every day; they cannot wash away Gods mark" (Page 2, “To The Saints”).

Remember when the Republicans were trying to christen this open racism as America's new "nice" religion or some BS? "The Mormon Moment"? We were in such rank racial waters the gag reflex needed to be adjusted.

Blacks had the problem we were told. 

I still think "open-minded" Right-Wing racists defending Mormon racists, by accusing blacks who wouldn't go along of being "bigots," was a very good example of American racists attempting to be clever:

They actually thought they were being smart.

Unfortunately, clever ain't shit to reality,...

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  1. Most likely the following anecdote is destined to get steamrolled under your war on Mormons but first a couple of pre-anecdotes that go back to the 1930's. My uncle, an Iowa farmer, was married to a Mormon and later my dad was married to the sister for a couple months until he realized he'd picked a Salt Lake City bitch, Mormon or not. I also knew a couple more farmers married to Mormon women and none of the local Protestants paid the LDS much mind because they had enough fun picking on Catholics.

    My story is that my girl friend's black brother has been a Mormon about five years and from what I hear and see he loves it. He must have gotten in on the ground floor for black people because those white people, particularly the missionaries he hosts in his home, revere him as if he was a prophet himself when in fact he's a construction worker for a municipal utility. He seems to enjoy the adulation while being serious about the religion, and apparently is serious enough about being black that he didn't vote for Romney.

    I'm not worried about my girl friend's brother as he can take care of himself. I might wonder why you would even bother with this religion, even though I suspect that the one black Mormon I'm offering as evidence for reconsideration is getting flattened out by the steam roller as you read this.