Sunday, December 29, 2013

This New Years I Want To See A Huge Fireworks Display

Yes, Goddesses, it's almost 2014 and I'm The Black Conservative now.

I know that finding a “New Study Exposes Acupuncture As Pseudoscience” doesn't mean the authorities are going to, nor should they be expected to, actually do anything about it.

Nor do they have to - the words "pseudoscience” and "cult" are pejoratives without meaning - and it's my own fault I've seen otherwise.

Doesn't mean a thing in real life.

Everything will go on as before.

Except I am just another artist, who specializes in music, being humble.

Society is fine, and I have the problem in need of "wellness" and a "moderation" of my outlook (no "playing the victim") and, most importantly, even some yoga.

Namaste - Together we'll find a way - while remembering A) everyone can believe what they want to believe and B) based on those beliefs everyone can do what they want to do and C) whenever someone decided to do something to me - especially to me - whatever they decided to do, it happened for a reason:

My political party - willingly following a man "anointed by God" over an obvious cliff - taught me that.

Getting two back-to-back spinal injuries, and then kicked out of my place - for not wanting a chiropractor - taught me that.

Observing a "conservative" law professor clique make money, promoting NewAge and gun ownership, mostly - and no one cared they don't understand politics, culture, or even the law - taught me that.

Being accused of sexual harassment by a gay co-worker - because I didn't want to discuss tenets of the fascinating "massage therapy" class that made him too tired to do his job - taught me that.


Getting attacked, online, by members of my own political party - who willingly nominated a supplement salesman from a racist space "church" as our leader - taught me that.

Being accused of sexual harassment by a female I was assigned to train - because I insisted she not discuss "energy" (or hand out her "massage therapy" business cards) to our clients - taught me that.

Having two "Mayan Prophesy" devotees paste flyers around the workplace, for clients and employees to see, stating my political preference - and being told by management "boys will be boys" - taught me that.

The election of a president - presented to the world on television, by a promoter of charlatans, without anyone commenting on it - taught me that.

Being accused of sexual harassment by two female co-workers - because they assumed my walking away, whenever they added astrology to their exciting finding-a-babysitter-to-go-dating tales, signaled disapproval of how they conducted themselves on and off the job (when, in truth, I was too wounded, myself, to give a damn) - taught me that.

I'll leave out my adventures in homeopathy when, of course, my lessons began - let's just say, "I got it."

I spend most of my days, now, wondering what I was thinking.

Isn't that what you want from me - and for me - "quiet" meditation?

Forgive me, Goddesses, for upsetting you - it was my mistake as expected - your wishes for me and mine are too kind.

Do not be misled or mistaken by my previous words - I can assure you, and do assure you, from 2014 until my dying day:

To gaze upon the beauty that is you and your work is bringing me about all the "happiness" I can stand.

All I need, to make life complete, is someone to share my passions,…

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  1. Well, I would hope that you would stay as stubbornly outspoken as ever -- because it is at least never boring (although sometimes I find myself overwhelmed by some of the excited fevers that are created here).
    The new year could shape up to be a real blast!

    PS. I will admit to a fondness for lavender essential oil -- it doesn't do a damn thing to make you healthy, wealthy, wise, or centered (or whatever), but the smell is wonderful and the synthetic stuff is way too sweet and cloying (and since the stuff is strong it lasts a long time and you don't have to use a bunch). I've always felt a bit wrong buying the damn stuff from the health food store (talk about an out of place customer) and wish I could get it someplace else, but I can't, and it smells so good.
    Come to think of it, that was one of the only truly good things about France...(my snoot was in heaven in those lavender fields).
    This is how one winds up living a life of at least petty hypocrisy and collusion I suppose...