Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Great White Hunters Find Their Prey Again (Praying)

It would be nice if whites could get off this for the holiday season but, since they're whites who are stuck in their ways - and think they have the inherent right to do ANYTHING - there's little chance of that, so here's to a whiter-than-White Christmas:

Do you ever notice there's rarely anything so blatantly racist coming out of black mouths? Oh sure, whites will take advantage (!) of bad educations, and howl with laughter over some descendent of slavery ignorantly tripping on the word "niggardly" or something - which can make whites look, both, evil and (since they know what they're dealing with because they caused it) as stupid as the person they're laughing at. But I'm talking just out-right picking on white people? That's rare territory. Even in private. No - only my racist-as-I-see-it ass does that:

"Like it never even happened" - I think that's the name of white people's private anthem, to be played exclusively for themselves, until white supremacy is reborn. You know the words - "We didn't do shit / We didn't see shit / And We don't know shit / Shut-up and lick your wounds, it never even happened."

OkCupid? Of course she is - "to name a few" - while other whites get their more subtle race-baiting, like tales of The Knockout Game, from the likes of Drudge and Reynolds. (Yesterday, I almost clocked myself, in hopes they'd report a Republican black-on-black crime,...) 

They must not be an all-white company, or haven't been one for long, because - unlike my other white friends online - they don't understand abandonment, attacking, marginalization, or any of the other white supremacist tactics used to silence criticism. Bizarre. I thought everybody knew them by now. Everybody black does. Almost.


The likes of Lem's Comment Home will find her posing with Sarah Palin tomorrow.

And all will be forgiven or, at the very least, too-easily forgotten,...

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  1. You are the funniest little racist ever! Keep up the good work, picking on whites 24/7 then projecting. Must be a good personal decision for you since you like ignorant agony more than anything else.

    Remember, whites control time, so fear atomic energy. Whites enslave black minds and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Everyone but yourself can free your mind, and we all choose not to.

    And remember, I personally take your profit and always will, hence I don't need redemption or songs about it.