Thursday, December 26, 2013

TMR's Year In Review: Ted Cruz Passed ObamaCare

I kind of went over this, in "TMR's Year In Review" on race, but ObamaCare was such a frak-up for cons, it deserves it's own post.

Do you know this man? According to his Dad, he's supposed to be God or Jesus (or something) but, politically, you might as well forget him because - he's chopped liver now! 

OMG! If there was one man who was *PERFECT* for alienating anyone repelled by racism, Ted Cruz was a standard bearer for the ages. His entire run up to leadership was based on one thing and one thing only - he was (kinda) Latino! That was the racist Republican answer to how not to look racist - find somebody, of the right racial make-up, to carry their flag! How could he lose?

Of course, unbeknownst to racists, openly discussing that political tactic completely voided any claim they were making about wanting to change the Right's racial image after Romney's loss. 

They didn't even try.

And THAT, more than anything else, laid the groundwork - AKA a sea of broken glass - for Tedly to Cruz/crawl over in his effort to thwart a black president's desire for the poor to have healthcare. 

Ted Cruz was The Man's stand-in and everybody knew it - including The Man he was standing-in for. Ted Cruz was a phony white guy, defending the position of Trayvon's hecklers, trying to act like he was America's savior - by shutting down our government. 

I'm really reaching back here:

That shit was whack.

So - what about ObamaCare itself? Good, bad, a boondoggle? Can't say yet - contrary to conservative thinking - for sure, the website is irrelevant (another phony scandal) but check it:

I applied for ObamaCare and they said I qualified for a policy that started at $239.00 a month. Impossible.

But - BUT - since my (double) back injury, I've been forced to apply for disability, so I'll probably qualify at little or no cost.

Is that a good thing? I don't predict the future.

Like everybody else - since it was medical bills that threw me into poverty and forced me to start my life over - I'd say we'll just have to wait and see:

But I am glad it was Ted Fucking Cruz who made it a possibility,…

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