Sunday, December 14, 2014

America's Not A Racist Country? Let's Count The Ways

According to whites - who claim they're not racist - blacks should be grateful for all this and more

Tea Partiers calling for lynching the president, liberals in Hollywood shooting off their mouths about him (and other blacks) behind his back, dead black bodies (littered across the nation) along with white cops walking off scott free, Rudy Giuliani being repeatedly allowed to do his best Southern redneck imitation at various "news" outlets, re-newed voter suppression drives and other attacks on black political gains, Governor Scott Walker being admired after it's discovered his staff is racist, the howl that goes up whenever it's announced Obama wants to do something to improve the lives of blacks, white "moderate" and "independent" bloggers who can't stop encouraging whites to more racism for mere Amazon sales and their own sense of personal freedom,...

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