Thursday, December 11, 2014

Andrew Sullivan Became Known To Me After Althouse Which Became Known To Me Through Instapundit,...

Whites advanced the careers of O.J., Bill Cosby, and Charles Barkley - not black demons

It's bizarre, once you become familiar with white folks online, how disappointing they can be as intellectuals. I guess it's inevitable, seeing how whites can be trained to fear the truth, but still - you'd think there was something, other than just loading us up with words, that would justify their positions, both as employable people AND as those anyone should've heard from in the first place. Take the writers at our richly-rewarded New Republic:

I recently got another email on the perils of thinking of myself as a "victim" - apparently the absolute worst thing whites think can happen to a black person, filled as they are with the need to tack happy endings onto any story, no matter how brutal. The idea that recognizable whites have recognizable jobs and positions, that blacks can recognize whites don't deserve - but who are promoted to blacks as ideals we should shoot for - and that makes our unemployed asses a victim every day we have to look at them, never occurs. Think about it:

Without white's segregation, and discrimination, and all the mind games they play - today - to avoid hard discussions (or else they freak out) who and where would these people be? 

These are people who are regularly wrong. People who are leading to the country's downfall. People who get (and got) other people hurt or killed. People who cause/caused us to gag. And people who can't be touched - except by each other.

Yeah, I live under an ocean of white supremacy and privilege and, yeah, I'm drowning:

But, I hear, being white and in charge's a really *sweet* gig if you can get it,....

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