Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Plan #1: No Matter What, Do Not Lose Your Temper

It's pretty clear by now that, no matter what atrocity's been committed against you, if you get angry, someone's got license to add to it. You know how Tupac said, "I ain't mad at cha"? You've got to be like that: they killed your mother? "I ain't mad at cha". They cheated your father? "I ain't mad at cha". Re-writing your history? "I ain't mad at cha". Whatever. 

Don't feel anything. Learn to let it all go. The rapes, the murders, the theft and injustice - each and every daily slight. Educate yourself - and quickly - on the best ways to "move on." Aspire to forgive AND forget,...all the lies and betrayals that may haunt your sleep. 

Watch actors on everyone's favorite soaps. (They, too, never end.) Sincerely sport a smile, and others will smile, too. Talk football. You can. 

Anger never helped anyone. Because nothing's ever going to change. There's only one go-round, and whether it's spent burning the place down or standing perfectly still, you know you're only helping, so don't. This was never your life, but theirs. That should be obvious. Though yeah, that, too, was kept mostly to themselves.

It's not sexy and, when you're upset, neither are you.

Just breathe, and expect nothing more,...

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