Friday, December 19, 2014

If Hating Whites Is So Wrong, Why Has Hating Blacks Worked Out So Well For American White's Success?

I didn’t say it, it was a "SONY leak: Denzel Washington should not star in lead roles overseas because the world is 'racist’.“ I coulda said it. Coulda said it a lot. I’ll say it now. Done.

Come on, you’ve got to be pretty fucking dense to miss that message - and the fact Hollywood makes shitty movies - but, right here and now, we’ve also got The View’s Whoopi Goldberg chiming in and saying she does “not agree with the blanket statement that America is racist.” You have to remember: she also once admitted to not being sure if we landed on the moon, so Whoop’s on her own here.

Next, we’ve got a Wisconsin law professor giving evidence she’s not "a reasonable, objective person,“ which is kind-of-close to inching-toward integrity, somewhere in the world, so,…Bra-vo for that.

Somebody must think he’s making good on his promise to try and transform this place, because the Associated Press is reporting that President Obama “is shaking up the governing status quo and creating a new normal for his successors.” After the wacko whites recently went on a gun buying frenzy and everything. Balls of Steel.

The 10 best moments in political comedy this year. Gotta have that. Like Soylent Green, they’re people!

Speaking of people, Bill O'Reilly Attacked Samuel L. Jackson For “Jumping On The Grievance Train” like everybody else who's black. Apparently O'Reilly thinks Jackson should jump off. I think a new O'Reilly book, called “Killing Samuel L. Jackson,” is in order. A perfect gift from Sumpin’ Claus.

And BTW - Democracy Sucks. Whether it was ever any good is now back up for debate. Is Daniel Ellsberg still alive? I’m just asking. Thinking about attending The Miscegenation Ball but I need a date-that’s-not-a-date, youknowhatI’msayin’?

And finally, Kendrick Lamar visited Stephen Colbert to prove he’s running out of ideas, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a mess because the induction committee (like Ann Althouse) has bad taste, and not only is “Liquid Fire” real but - even if you’re Criming while white (and you know you are) when I can’t - Hillary Clinton still wants you to know BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Though we’re all the same,…

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