Monday, December 1, 2014

The Race To Grow Up Fast In The NewAge? (It's Mine)

White Mischief (1987) sums it up quite well, I think, though it's - still - also not the best example

I think, it's pretty safe to say, the new millennium has finally kicked in for America (because it waited too long to define itself) and so, we're at just about the point where our different culture is making it's way into being - mostly because it's not backing down:

Witch doctors have just as much dignity 

Yes, I sense the forces of evil making way, so the battle for our cultural wreckage's coherency has begun, with the first of the broken shards being laid just-so:

"The good life," as defined by others, was always a cheap and crappy cornball concoction 

"The first shall be last and the last shall be first" is the biblical lesson, which everyone's taking from, that's stood the test of time:

How do you say "Bye-bye, Miss American Pie" in spanish? 

 Another way to say it - just as popular in the modern world - is "Babylon must fall": 

The difference, between being "somebody" and "any body", is going to drive celebrities crazy 

 And it must, because few Americans are going to go another hundred years listening to moneyed fools, spouting nonsense:

Those with the blues can smile again

Now other lives will matter - as much as they always did - even when the previous "thought leaders" thought not:

This bit should've been a tip-off to where all this was going

 They had all the time in the world to get their story straight:

 But now they're old, their mind's broken, without even a leg to stand on:

And all because of a "demon" race - with it's pants down

Time for them - all - to go:

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