Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Poor Dr. Ben Carson Has Decided To Change His Tune

Running for president always makes journalists return to what candidates had previously said - which is never good for wingnuts. Especially if they're black, and their claim to fame is saying crazy shit to racist white's satisfaction: The Tom ends up looking like a fool on the national stage, and - after the whites leave his side (as they always do since they were just using him) - he still has to, then, face the black community, alone, to explain himself. Cosby's felt the sting (and the sense of cultural abandonment) so somebody better change their tune - and quick:

So, Dr. Carson - if ObamaCare's NOT slavery - is it you, or other blacks, who are "on the plantation" again?

You can ask the many whites surrounding you - and patting you on the back for opposing the rest of us - before getting back on that,...

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