Monday, December 1, 2014

What Are White People Defending But A Right To Lie?

Since when is not wanting to lose your life merely a different point of view?

Ann Althouse's and her son John Althouse Cohen's mother-son racism disposal team appears to find great comfort in this Bill Clinton malarky, much like the Confederate's loved ones found joy in rumours of a win for the South:

Where has, how far whites have come, gotten blacks?

Naturally, all you have to do is add black Americans to the dialogue and you'll notice "we're" having less of a disagreement than white's, specifically, are still copping a pose - trying to be slippery, so as to insist white's rate of "progress" (AKA who they can stand to be around) be the status quo:

That was too easy for dispatching a white law professor:

It'll probably be centuries before these mixed-up, self-serving, mutants will ever stop trying to be clever in our lifetimes,...

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