Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ann Althouse, Andrew Sullivan, And TNR: Makes Sense

I just checked, and Ann Althouse is still blogging up a storm on what's happening in The New Republic (AKA the South Africa of American magazines) but not anything about Eric Garner, Michael Brown, the police, or race - that story's so old now! (It's once again falling behind Althouse's all-time-more-important-white topics, like feminism, gay marriage, and whatever else whites decide to put before justice for blacks after 400 years in America.)
What's happening to an exclusively white institution, that catered to an exclusively white outlook, is now the news, baby! So, so important and controversial. Like how young the audience is for Ann's equally white supremacist outlook. Why, they're young enough to be her kids!

Sigh. God, I hate this place - and the bind these people put blacks in - with a passion. With real allies we could've truly been done with all this by now.

But, of course, that's nothing TNR or Althouse will ever be truly concerned about,...

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