Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Playing The Victim" Is Easy (Being One's Complicated)

Damn, but this is a huge understatement:

Whoever wrote that, seriously, has no idea how unhelpful this deception has been - to individuals, communities, and science. How a belief in water can ricochet into deaths, and divorces, and other horrible crimes, far beyond anyone's imagination. Screaming into the night, for years on end. The very thought - that anyone, much less millions of people, could buy into something so destructively stupid - will leave me pondering humanity's inherent weaknesses for the rest of my days. (As though racism hadn't already.) And the manufacturers should all be locked up - in prisons or insane asylums. Who goes to work each day, puts on a lab coat, and produces nothing? It's mind-boggling. And amazing.

But, somebody did write The Bell Curve - and others still believe it - so I really shouldn't be surprised. By anything. 

I'm black, and - thanks to white folks - seen it all,...

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