Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cult Of North Korea Defeated The Cult Of SONY

The fox is out of the hen house and setting the couch on fire

I'd been writing about the cult of North Korea for so long I got sick of it, and naturally, once I stopped, they've gone and done something that actually gets Americans attention: not killing people by the thousands, Silly, but killing a bad movie. No, not the white Sci-Fy "thriller" always set in a dystopian future for some reason, or the Rom-Com featuring unlikable white folks who have to mate onscreen for some reason, or any of the ones that feature white people who all automatically know Kung-Fu at the drop of a hat for some reason, but white America's traditional cheery Christmas fare, built around the comedy styling of singling out someone for assassination. I told you those North Koreans were crazy.

North Korea could've retaliated by threatening to kill America's imagination but, by the look of things, Hollywood's already beat them to that by a long shot,...

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