Monday, December 1, 2014

Joe Scarborough Takes A Stand: "What Am I Missing?"

The White-Wing media is having a blast watching Joe Scarborough getting flustered over the Ram's salute to Ferguson, since Joe swallowed the police's leaked-bait that Michael Brown stole some cigars, and thus deserved to die. Scarborough ignorantly steamrolls right over respectability politics (because there's no one on his panel who understands it) before acknowledging a lot of differences (but not the urgency) in how blacks and whites live - and are living - even as Joe's (oh so comfortably) speaking. He finally then passes the mic, only to discover only one person in the studio ("an old white guy") agrees with him. It looks like few outside agree as well.

But that's our White-Wing media:

There's no telling what they'll find inspiring,...

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