Monday, December 22, 2014

A Black Man Killed Some Cops: Let's Go Get Ice Cream

The cops need a new slogan beyond "don't resist" - it's so old

Whites are particularly clueless now - actually, they always were

Unless you don't think about it, too much, having been black's permanent condition in this place. You don't have to think on much of anything, too-much, anymore. Not necessary. Nobody cares. Haven't you heard? They're building a "colorblind" dystopian NewAge with no past. The best of Left/Right thinking. I watch the movies.

Assassinate Bill Kristol has a nice ring to it

Free range, completely organic, and obviously yours.

Think again. Along with the financial crisis, we also got a new, massive, deficit of imagination, so deep even Hollywood can't think no mo: America's "promise" is now limited to the hope that a Dr. Oz could become a beloved celebrity, peddling “baseless or wrong” medical advice to your momma. (Like "I'll only put the tip in," a boy can still dream,...) 

The American Dream - is white criminals getting away

Strange, that hardly anybody could catch on to Oz - even when he was on television internationally (it was a British study that revealed him - not us) and there were people already calling him a quack online, TMR included. As Oz paraded across our TV screens each day, he proved - to me at least - the nature of law enforcement is "none." American education? Doesn't exist. Crime? A title reserved for black guys. Ethics? Come on. Whatever safeguards we imagine are in place - against anything? Non-existent. Whether or not, on a mass scale, anyone's using logic at all? The evidence clearly says "no." The Secret said you drew to us whatever you imagined and - wow - was that ugly.

Listening to ignoramuses is intelligence squared and can't be stopped

All of this occurred to me while trying to “boost my immune system” preparing for “competitive yoga.”

Just keep repeating "It's not about race" and, I swear, race will go away

Yep, surrounded by stupid, and have been for a long, long time. I live in a place consumed with staying on the wrong course. History says that’s just how they roll, and history doesn't guarantee happy endings. It explains they consider idiocy brave and/or patriotic:

Everything has a connection to slavery - even you

We can change this

The trick is to getting these deplorable assholes, we actually have to live with as they "make up their minds," to admit they’re wrong. It’s not easy - and especially not without them losing their fucking minds. For instance, you can say “Justice shouldn’t warrant an apology,” but whenever that simple right - which blacks are still fighting for after centuries of South Africa-style treatment - is trivialized as “playing the victim,” well, that’s when you know you’re getting a special taste of America’s particular madness. If anybody's the problem, it’s Obama. Riiiight. Blacks were always the ones “making progress” with his election - not whites. They’re fine. Always been fine. Will always be fine, and they don’t know what your problem is.

Stay in the shade and you won't burn - everybody knows that

"You can get it if you really want but you must try, try and tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Well, for one, the propensity to hide things - like the history needed to judge your present actions. It's deliberate, and dishonest, to repeatedly put Rudy Giuliani on TV and not a historian. It doesn’t build trust. It's the spreading of lies and ignorance - just like Dr. Oz. We need to be on the stoop, out in the open. 

This is normal, and so much better

Chilled but not shaken

Yes, this weekend in New York, something happened that blacks have predicted for centuries, and whites are more upset than normal. On behalf of my peoples, we're sorry trying to live white's lie isn't more fun. This struggle, forced on us, isn't either. 

This is abnormal, and getting so much worse

But - in case you haven't noticed - this propensity for solipsism will be no replacement for justice,... 

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