Thursday, December 11, 2014

I'll Be Sure To Call The Doctor. You Be Sure To Call The Priest - Everybody's Got A Mirror: Sure You're A Beast

Go ahead - trust her: She won't hurt you

Now that they've stirred up a(nother) racial hornet's nest by (what else?) killing blacks, whites are pretty sure they - sporting a cultural ignorance big enough to gag on - should now have a word on who the bad guys are, they always have:

I'm no expert on what's "stupidly Orwellian" (inviting 1000s of Nazis to live here after slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, supporting South African apartheid, etc., while demanding black's appreciation and patriotism?) but I'm sure focussing today's conversation on white's victims qualifies.

Unless they insist there are no victims - but those blacks yell at,....

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