Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"You Don’t Have No Ankle, And You Can’t Walk": Part II

Turning wine to water. Whites DO things to us. Damaging things. Long-lasting things that, because whites don't want them to (because whites don't want themselves to ever be told what to do) might never go away. America's history of white racism is centuries old, and only recently riding shotgun to the lying, white-picket-fence, Mom and apple pie narrative they're desperate to now maintain, with the psychological torture they claim to deplore. Their idiotic pride is such, they must never change, especially when wrong. "Massa" and "Miss Anne" must live.

- Albert Einstein

I'm not sure why whites still believe they're fooling anyone, with their sick attempts to turn the oppressed into the oppressors, when we tell them - directly - it'll never work. We will press on. Until no one buys this bullshit but themselves:

- John Althouse Cohen

My taking conservatives seriously on race was a major mistake, because (among things) I found myself surrounded by people who openly ridicule blacks (after 400 years of openly ridiculing blacks) while admitting they go along with the most obviously trivialising racist tropes, like race as a "card" blacks play and historical Civil Rights figures being "hustlers". Whites, outnumbering blacks 6 to 1, are comfortable thinking they can wave their hands and declare reality (and morality) doesn’t exist except as they say. That it's normal to see a boy as a demon. That "loosies," or cigars, are crimes worthy of death. That they must rarely seek justice, stay as ignorant to history as their own bliss allows, and - because they're uncomfortable with the truth - stay so openly hostile they never have to hear a word of it. But we won't stop. We know this evil. Eric Garner’s “Please, just leave me alone” are words that could’ve been spoken by MLK.

No matter who is pulling the trigger, white America is killing black men. Not Democrats or Republicans (assisted by Libertarians) but the country itself. This is what it was made for.

But that's probably how it's going down,..

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