Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Slave Catchers Turned Their Backs On NY's Mayor

Anybody still thinking "race doesn't matter"? So much so that whether or not Jeb Bush is running for president was last week's most important story? Really? 

I guess I've just been intellectually outclassed again.

So what have we got now? New York City police officers have decided to look more like a New York City gang, throwing a temper tantrum with guns, saying it's "wartime" against,...someone (let me guess!) because they've lost two of their own. I wonder who will get hurt under this "wartime" against a dead man? Tell me: is it common to make this kind of declaration, against a vaguely-defined enemy, whenever cop killers are out there - and even after we know the perp has killed himself? 

It strikes me as an odd thing to do and say, that does not scream "To Protect And To Serve" at all. More like something they'd say to reinforce the idea they're even more determined to strike,...someone.

So does turning their backs to their - our - elected officials. Or declaring those officials to have blood on their hands for trying to protect their own children from a very real threat - the cops - because those kids have black skin.

As events move forward on these re-examinations of American history, I think the NYPD would be on much safer ground to claim, and remember, a slave catcher's job was always to simply do as they were told:

Enforcing society's justice, and injustices - not their own - as this society sees fit.

And then start acting like it.

And not like just some common gang,...


  1. Yes, “slave catchers.”

    Enforcing “law and order.”

    Making sure no “crimes” are being committed,...

    Oh, man, how the very world you live in escapes you,...

  2. There was no crime there, other than out of control nanny staters that prompted the whole altercation with Gardner (to protect one of DeBlasio's supporters who complained about the loose cigarettes). He resisted arrest (a bad mistake but I get it) and later suffered a heart attack (because he was in poor health). A black officer supervised the arrest (and apparently approved the choke hold). I do not see it as race as much as out of control government. It is tragic. If the choke hold was shown to have contributed to the heart attack (and it was illegal) that would be enough for some crime, but I do not think there was evidence to support that. But I was not on the grand jury so I am not sure.

    The only slave bonds you have is in your own mind. Because you can't accept that your own fucked up situation is mostly due to you. Sorry about that, but only you can free yourself by stop being a slave. That is not the police, that is you.

  3. Interesting. The same unbelievable advice I can get from any unrealistic Saturday afternoon movie - you can make it if you tryyyyyy! That's why black parents have been telling their kids we have to work "twice as hard to be just as good" in white's eyes: because you guys treat everyone the same. Centuries of lies, but you keep repeating them, if they make you feel better. It'll never be your neck - by centuries of white design - so go ahead and pour on the racial scorn and blame, until the day I die, just as your ancestors did. It's all you understand, I get that. Cultural conditioning.

    In the meantime, you'd do well to start studying up - it's all just getting started:

  4. Oh, I see: you are clearly demonstrating the white belief that - by not caring about what happens to black American citizens, and actually denying us justice, or any semblance of full citizenship - you're also inculcating a sense of civic responsibility and enlightened humanity towards the lives of our fellow man.

    That's cute,...