Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Joe Scarborough Might Get Answers With Some Blacks On His Show (Whenever He Decides To Lose His Mind)

That was MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, on his second day of ignorantly screeching about blackness, while not having a single black person on the panel of his show to answer him.

Like the "good" folks over at Althouse (and other fine white establishments) Hot Air also seems to approve this having-no-blacks-around-to-answer-white's-yelled-questions approach, saying "Joe Scarborough tears into the ‘hands up’ members of Congress," instead of the more accurate "Joe Scarborough ignorantly flails before the nation". (Better to have conservative whites, without the answers - but attempting to supply them - as a way to drive the hosts into suffering a full-blown panic.) Here's TMR's idea, free of charge:

MSNBC should hire a special "surprise" group of bone-through-the-nose black "cannibals," to push a pot of boiling water out for Joe, and they'll get the same reaction - plus better ratings - AND some black guys will have work. Make it a regular thing, whenever Joe loses it, and the black guys will even have a job.

But - before whites can try that - let me just say, I'm sure they can stop discriminating (and segregating) long enough to find at least one black person, somewhere, who agrees with conservatives enough (or at least their outrage enough) to also tolerate being physically around whites, white's ignorance of our own country, and the taint/aura of white supremacy - on television - all at the same time. Really. I know that's possible.

If not, all I can fully say, until then, is - wow, thanks:

While Joe's helpless yelping isn't very informative, it certainly makes for riveting black television,...

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