Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whites Think "Political Correctness" Is Anything That Leads People Away From A White Supremacist Mindset

There's a reason Scott Walker's staff had nothing nice to say - and his supporters overlook it

Good ol' Albert Einstein, waaay back in 1946, saw how whites made the differences, others live with, today.

"You talkin' to me? Are you talkin' to ME?!?"

That was Smith College president Kathleen McCartney, in an apology widely criticised by whites as "political correctness," and not for also being an acknowledgment of her lack of American cultural awareness. These white attacks are weird because black's point should be obvious:

White guys aren't expected to say - and might not be capable of saying - anything on race

Now why does Chris Rock understand the reality whites have created - has to understand that reality - but whites don't?

This might as well be the "Friendship Train" for all whites know

 What are whites missing about their "colorblind" existences in this place? Maybe the binds they have always put blacks in:

Whites, today, play their-traitor-to-the-race game through subversives

Those are the same binds they're still putting blacks in - all around the world - while asking us to trust their rarely-good intentions are,...good:

"All Eyes On Me"

Political correctness has nothing to do with anything anymore,...

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