Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chris Rock Shows Hollywood Is Racist To Everybody

Whites can't "think outside the box" they created

Once again, Chris Rock is in the news - Rockin' It - and, in a column on racism and art in Hollywood, he makes it obvious why this entire place doesn't work - and so few blacks get to work in it:

”You don't have to go to Harvard to have taste.”

No, and not only that, but a lot of college-educated white folks get amply rewarded for having awful taste, trust me. But, besides having taste, what you do have to have, no matter what, is the ability to make racist white people happy - without ruffling their feathers by pointing out their racism.

Isn't it funny, how - especially when raised in their new, supposedly non-racist, "colorblind" culture - few whites ever picked up on that, without prompting? Sheeeiiiit:

Handling white people has always been the most difficult job in America,...

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