Friday, December 5, 2014

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire (Then Kill Me 4 Burning)

Gee: shouldn't the Washington Times have added what color Eric Holder is? You know, just to balance it out? And why, since I'm sure they're "colorblind" and all, did they highlight David Clarke's race? And why - in a media environment filled with racial mind games - do white people hate being called "white" so much? If it's good enough for a "black Milwaukee sheriff" (and I've heard no complaints) why not Ann Althouse, white Madison law professor? Oh yeah: I've been told it's racist to do that.

I don't know what they're doing to Wisconsin's water but, whatever it is, it's wrong. A lot of right-of-center white people are talking about the break-up of The New Republic, but the most fascinating thing about it is their sincere concern for what was now a historically "sloppy" and racist publication, best exemplified by the crazy career of Wisconsin's own Ruth Shalit. Really, white people, you don't know how good you've got it - especially in Wisconsin: black sheriffs who feel disgust for black people. White women who feel disgust for black people. It sounds like paradise, for everyone but black people.

Many white people, continuing to deliver the wrong response, seem to have locked onto cigarette taxes for the death of Eric Garner. See, if the tax hadn't been so high, he wouldn't have had a market for loosies - simple, huh? Not as simple as, if the government and white people didn't practice multiple centuries worth of discrimination against blacks, the Eric Garner's of the world wouldn't need to sell loosies to begin with. But then, history's rarely white's strong suit these days. Passing the buck is what's "in":

White people have got the situation down:

Which all explains why blacks, nation-wide - and while, supposedly, looking at their own country - are now lit up like roman candles,....

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