Thursday, December 4, 2014

Guess Who Got Executed Today? (A Young Black Male)

Come ON, white people. You know you see it coming: they "thought" he was reaching in his waist band.

Don't trip: whites also "think" blacks are lazy, or a "demon" race, or any number of other things they have no idea what it's like to carry. Along with knowing it's in their "colorblind" heads because they tell you.

And, and, AND,...because of white supremacy, they sincerely believe what's in their heads justifies anything they say, or they'll do, to you. That's "normal" to them in America.

But what can a black person do about a white supremacist's beliefs? Especially when confronting them (because they're hurting you) can get you harmed further, or otherwise killed? I still haven't quite figured that one out.

Shoot, I'm not just talking about life with cops anymore, am I? 


Look at that: 

If a few more dead bodies drop, we might be on the road to finally getting to know each other - intimately,...

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