Monday, December 15, 2014

Blacks Suffer While Whites Make Up Their Minds On It

A white "prince" - who will never have to work - and a black American citizen who (like every generation of her family) will, pretending they're similar (and he's charming) merely because he's grasped the meaning and flavor behind one of our cultural hand gestures

This blog started in a strange place: a black man loses his wife, career, and possibly his mind, to the influence of cultism in American society.

White women hate people taking advantage of others - except when it's them

Feminism is a part of that, one I flashed upon when reading P.J. O’Rourke’s recent piece on Lena Dunham and her TV show, Girls:

Whites are under the wrong-headed impression it's blacks who are making "progress"

Cultism, as I first knew it, was a so-called “spiritual” phenomena of the white Left. Growing up black in South Central, Los Angeles, voting Democrat was all I’d ever known. I started asking why; especially why Democrats were involved in the destruction that undergirds their ideals.

"Imagine if one day you woke up and the sky was on fire, and the stars were out in the daytime,..."

Kids, like puppies and blacks, are poor and defenseless - you can kill them

I asked my questions as a man. I asked as an atheist. I asked as an American. This brought me a Right-Wing following online.

Not much difference between Cheney's One Percent Doctrine and black's 5 Percent Cult

Trayvon Martin’s death brought laughter on the Right, drawing a bright red line around them, I will not cross. They, too, are liars - and also of the kind to destroy me, while shooting at shadows. Not only that, but their religious and political fanaticism easily surpassed the more sex-and-death perversions of the Left’s NewAge cultism, in the politics and person of Mitt Romney, leaving no doubt that, once again, I would be PTSD-repelled by the people around me.

The Khmer Rouge could've written this "uplifting" American's message

These folks, too, are whiter-than-white. My options, for living under white supremacy, were shrinking. And something was going on.

Their rise was inexplicable,...until someone admitted they sucked

Over the years, this “backfire effect” has reduced the blog to no longer researching much of anything, but simply trying to navigate this unstable terrain of viciously backwards thinking in the modern world, for self-preservation - and we're losing. I’m cool with that: I don’t support what I don’t like anymore than anyone else will. But I still need facts.

With even one parent, nearby, a black *might* have had a chance

I’ve never had credentials for protection - just my fists. But defending myself is a crime, just as Richard Williams was “crazy” in white folks’ estimation. He defeated them all with his brand of crazy.

"You can't handle the truth" was the classic backfire effect

Realizing you're wrong - and admitting it - are two totally different things

Nobody, worth anything, pays them any mind.

Nobody else has to care, if you don't care about anybody else

Let them figure out where they went wrong. If they can figure at all.

Burning civilization down only hurts those who deny it to others

I exist in a world, today, that - literally - has no use for facts. And that draws trouble closer for presenting them.

Zombie-love is a prelude to life without thought

A life without love

Being in America makes no difference. All I’ve “learned” is whites - no matter what their political or religious affiliation - are not to be trusted.

A life without life

Too late

9-11 wasn’t “the end of irony”. The lying continues. It’s practitioners are the white, the rich, and the famous.

Everything else - and everyone else - can burn,…

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