Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Why I Left The Right: A Preponderance Of Racists, Silly

"He's a Democrat, so it's O.K.: Get 'Em!!!"

It just never stops with these idiots.

Ever since the white conservatives laughter at Trayvon Martin's parents, the defiant attitude of Obama and his supporters has been made clearer and clearer, while the racial corruption of the Republicans (and their ilk) has been beyond a major disappointment. It's like scraping old paint off something that's (supposedly new) only revealed to have worthless, destructive, rust underneath.

I've pissed off a lot of people but I don't care: they're pissed because I took their ideology seriously and found it, and them, both wanting - and because (shamefully) I was right to do so. If they're not full-blown racists, they hang with racists, or vote with racists, or side with racists, or defend them. Anything but siding with black folks, who they duck behind the word "Democrat" to slander, like a black man wouldn't notice the deception: they "don't see color," so feel they can criticize and/or hurt blacks (myself included) at will - so long as they can say they're fighting the other party. None of America's racist historical context allowed. Except when they sneeringly call it a "plantation," like their hands are clean. My ass.

We've got your number now - just as I always said we would - and events are over-taking you all: racist and not-so-racist whites alike. It's time to change your tune or prepare for your inevitable defeat, the charade is now over - and history will not be stopped:

Because I, for one, will never buy another word, any of you will ever say, again,...

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