Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recyling Is Waste

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  1. Well, that's something I thought I'd never see: a lazy German who performs badly at his job and still brags about it.

    I don't know why I should be dragged into his teutonic inefficiency (or is this just bad PR. You pays yer money and you gets yer stooge).

    There are plenty of real companies using recycled material to make the central thrust of this video a waste of time (other than to show there are some hopeless cases out there).

    In countries more chilled than the US and reunited Germany, we don't monitor what anyone puts in their bins. You get a bin with a yellow lid that you throw cardboard, certain grades of plastic, and glass jars and bottles.

    It's very easy to do and I can point you to plenty of sites of businesses and companies that use the recycled material.

    In charge of the best recycling technology yet burns most of the stuff householders put out?

    Our councils are plagued with all the usual political stupidities, but the gazette publishes a precise list of what has been saved.
    But it doesn't go round houses to see who threw out that milk carton.

    I agree that it should be voluntary. Rights and responsibilities are in us as individuals and we have enough laws guiding and binding us as it is.

    But to argue against the practice because some village idiot - or cos he's a Deutshclander we'll call him a Berg Dumbkopf - can't keep up the usual engineering excellence of that great country, is hardly the last word on its value.