Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Word Is "Cult": Say It

"I look at it as a cult," said Helen Hooper.

"I believe they are a cult, yes," Hi Lambert said.

"I think they are a cult," said Stanley Hooper.

"A typical cult, basically," Charlene Lambert said.

-- Interview subjects in an article by Robert Price on Smith County, Kansas' transcendental meditation "Peace Palaces". (That's Deepfried Okra with Sexy Sadie in the picture)

"I need precedents, legal advice, definitions and defences.

"I intend to make a big folder with all the defence you can give me, and in case this does get through to court, I will be well prepared.

"Also, what's the likelihood I'll need a lawyer? If I do have to get one, it'll have to come out of my pocket money."

-- A 15-year-old unnamed boy, appealing for help to fight possible charges in England, for holding up a placard which branded Scientology a "cult".

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