Thursday, May 29, 2008

Somebody's Lying (And It's Not Me)

This is Cody Hall as a baby. The doctors in England told her mother there was nothing they could do for her. She would have to grow up like this, with gigantic tumors growing on her face; end of story.

Her mother brought her to America.

This is Cody Hall today, age 15, and going to the prom. She had 15 surgeries, paid for with donations.

I wonder what she thinks of "socialized" medicine?

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  1. Impressive. But tell you what: Instead of searching for donations to have this done in the US, she could have gone to Poland and have it done for free (or almost free, 15 years ago).

    When the (now) husband and I were dating, some 20+ years ago, he worked for a while in a clinic (in Poland) specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. What these guys did there was stunning and pretty cutting edge, the kind of stuff that American doctors did not do for many years yet (e.g. transfer of fat tissue, etc.) -- and that was over two decades ago (and "socialized," yeah).

    It is somewhat ironic that she came to the US to have her surgery done, while Americans travel abroad to have theirs (see the medical tourism phenomenon), because they cannot afford to pay for the procedures here.

    Of course I'm glad she had it done, period. And kudos to American docs and people who chipped in to make it possible. But I'm just sayin'... Oh, you know what I'm sayin'.