Thursday, May 22, 2008

Your Left, Your Left, Your Left, Right - No - Left

1988: Democrats denounce Dan Quayle for his National Guard service.

1992 and 1996: Democrats praise Bill Clinton for not serving.

2000: Democrats praise Al Gore for his Vietnam service.

2000: Democrats denounce George W. Bush for his National Guard service.

2004: Democrats praise John Kerry for his Vietnam service.

2008: Democrats denounce John McCain for his Vietnam service (He's "too militaristic").

So - as a former Democrat who served - I'd like to know:

Does the Party respect military service or not?


  1. An aside: This is cute pic of you, CMC. (How old were you there, 18? :).

    And what's in the background?

  2. You shouldn't ask questions if you don't want answers.

  3. Message to "Anonymous":

    Other than a general, undeserved, feeling of moral superiority, I don't know what makes so many Leftists think - without any evidence to go on - they somehow understand the motives of those who disagree with them. It must be all that mystical shit the party indulges in. Oh well:

    For your information, I was trying to spare you my reply to your comments - not because they were these searing insights that were too hot for this Republican to handle - but because they were a mixture of stupid, banal, and often just wrong, Democratic talking points that (depending on my mood) I don't feel the desire to spread or refute. In other words, they bored me to death. There wasn't an original idea, or even anything with a spark of interest, in your entire comment. I don't mind anyone disagreeing with me but come on.

    I did a post, a while back, that begged Democrats to find some new put-downs because all you guys do is recycle the same shit, that's been said a million times before, thinking, because it was "brilliant" enough to sell you on, somebody else might buy it. Well there's a name for that stuff, and it's been floating around for what's heading up on 150 years now, so you've probably heard of it:

    It's called "Homeopathy".

  4. Let me try it another way, Anon:

    I owe you nothing.

  5. What namely you're saying is a terrible mistake.

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