Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Gods Of The New Age

I haven't made it through this entire video (this has turned out to be a difficult Memorial Day for me) but it's a wonderful primer from 1984, showing how this current impulse - to do yoga, follow gurus, join cults, meditate, practice Eastern spirituality and medicine, and basically be an airhead - blossomed after The Beatles. It's kind of scary, too, knowing so many people still will themselves to be this stupid.

But I'm no longer surprised. I've talked to too many believers who (when shown the lies behind their beliefs) sputter an angry "I don't care!" to be shocked anymore. Heard too many Leftists, their heads filled with socialist dogma, declaring the "violent culture" of the United States is the greatest evil on earth - even after it's freed them, and their families, from certain death. There's just no talking to such people, sold on the peace our fighting won them, now ignorantly thinking they can make us their slaves. They're all the same.

I had a friend that died today. He was a gay guy, with a really great smile, who (before I knew him) used to let people worship him as a voodoo priest. When my marriage crumbled, and I first discovered how deep my ex, Karine Anne Brunck, was into NewAge, he immediately came over and told me these incredible stories of all the silly people that would follow him. How they'd bring him gifts, money, have sex with him - anything - so they could be in his favor. He told me my ex was "just one of those people" who's too stupid to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, real and unreal. A functional zombie. He joked that, if I asked him how to fake levitation, none of this would've happened. He made me laugh somehow, when in all that horror, I never would've thought it was possible.

And now here I am today, with his death all around, thinking he's still being funny:

Reminding me that, since the hypocrites of decency always reveal themselves, it's only the true con men who are really any good.

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