Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thanks For Sharing

"Your conflicting thoughts remind me of a delightful agnostic lady I know (who shall, for chivalry's sake not be named!). Even in the throes of passion, she finds herself screaming, "Oh, God!" yet sometimes claims she is tempted to qualify the statement with 'if there is one.'"

-- Ron Kaye, the supremely hypocritical (and angrily arrogant) Buddhist - known as "Rev Ron" - who is partners with Whirled Musings' equally-hypocritical "Cosmic" Connie Schmidt (how can she put down spiritual "hustledorks" when she lives with - and, apparently, does other assorted things - with one?) laying down comment number 69 on Steve Salerno's SHAMblog.

I shit you not - comment #69 - I couldn't make that shit up if I tried.

"Cherie tells in eye-popping detail about how she and Tony consummated their relationship after a first date that began with drunken flirtation - 'I could feel a blush rise up from some uncharted part of me' - and moved on to seedy fumblings on the top deck of a bus, en route to bed.

"It was a double-decker and we went upstairs. .. by the time we got off we knew each other better than when we'd got on. And even better the next morning."

I hope she remembered her 'contraceptive equipment'.

Seedy? You bet. But then what should we expect of a woman who, when asked by Princess Margaret to explain what the gay minister Chris Smith's partner 'was for', replied 'for sex, Ma'am?'

It's as if Cherie has some warped fixation on biological matters."

-- Amanda Platell, commenting on Cherie Blair's new tell-all (but not quite "all") and proving there are more similarities between Buddhists and NewAgers than some want to admit, in The Daily Mail

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