Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tricia Walsh-Smith: Still With The Cards!

The scorned socialite starring in the "YouTube Divorce" isn't just going bonkers - she's going broke.

"Bonkers" playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith, who danced and sang "I'm going bonkers" in her latest video rant against her estranged husband, said Monday she's practically penniless, even though she can still live on Park Ave.

"I've got no money," Walsh-Smith said outside Manhattan Supreme Court. "That's why I did the YouTube. It's kind of serious stuff."

Walsh-Smith, 52, appeared in court for a hearing in her divorce from Philip Smith, the 77-year-old president of the Shubert Organization. He was a no-show for the hearing.

"Just do the decent thing," Walsh-Smith cried for a bank of television cameras outside the courthouse. "Let me have a roof over my head."

Supreme Court Justice Harold Beeler said Walsh-Smith is free to remain at the Park Ave. pad until after the couple's divorce trial next month.

Of late, she's been staying in a rented London flat, where she filmed her latest YouTube spot.

In the video, the self-proclaimed YouTube Superstar & Warrior rails against "male chauvinist pigs" and vows she's "going to go down yelling and screaming."

"My victory is every woman's victory," Walsh-Smith says during the 7-minute clip. "So, uh, women warriors!"

She also calls on her fellow females to join her in something called "Women Warriors of the World United" and to send money to her PayPal account.

"I'm just really sad," she said outside the courthouse.

-- From the New York Daily News.

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