Friday, May 23, 2008

Texas Polygamy? Forget It: Look In The Closet!!!

"Though it's not allowed inside the courtroom, evidence regarding [R. Kelly]'s mysterious power over young women is in abundance outside. Kelly doesn't have a Michael Jackson-caliber rainbow coalition of superfan weirdos. Rather, the R&B lothario's courthouse supporters are from a more uniform demographic: teenage African-American girls. As he steps into the fifth-floor hallway for a lunch break, four female fans scream in ecstasy and pull out camera phones—contraband inside the courthouse—and unashamedly snap away. When admonished by a bailiff for making so much noise, one member of the group says, incredulous, 'How are we supposed to act when R. Kelly come?'"

-- Josh Levin, reporting (hilariously) on the super-silly, super-stupid, and super-sordid, R. Kelly Sex Case, for

You must read these dispatches to believe them,....

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