Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey - You Environmentalists Forced Us To Use Food For Fuel (Or Here's Another Reason Why All Those "Evil Oil Men" Should Be Our Farmers)

"Milk is as high as gas. That's crazy."
-- Brenda Tanner, mother of two who is "no longer eating out", in Richard Wolf's article on "food insecure" Americans for USA Today.

"Four-dollar-per-gallon gasoline is cheap.

British motorists are currently paying about $8.38 per gallon for gasoline. In Norway, a major oil exporter, drivers are paying $8.73. In 2007, out of the 32 industrialized countries surveyed by the International Energy Agency, only one (Mexico) had cheaper gasoline than the United States. Last year, drivers in Turkey were paying three times as much for their gasoline as Americans were.

(Gasoline is also cheap compared with other essential fuels. A Starbucks venti latte costs the equivalent of $23 per gallon, while Budweiser beer runs $11 per gallon.)"
-- Robert Bryce, adding some perspective, while writing for

Wake up, America:

You've been whining too long, picking on the wrong folks, and wasting your "true potential" on foolish New Age ideas and endeavors.

Now you've made a mess and, still, want to blame someone else - like Bush. But Bush didn't do it - you did - while he's been holding the line. Once you accept that, and start acting mature, things will get better. But not until.

Blame yourselves - for not paying attention.


  1. That thing where you say that its "your fault" and not Bushes. I agree. Tired of the posers. W got more votes in 2004 than any president in history...

    I can not believe how many posts you have.. Do you do anything else?!?!?

  2. Peter,

    If you're asking if I have another blog, no, this is it - and it's almost up to 825 posts.

    I'd like to encourage you, for information - and entertainment's sake (y'know, like when you're bored and got nothing else to look at online) to start at the beginning (August, 2007) and work your way forward: there's a lot of good stuff in there: music, art, cultism, religion, politics, and social commentary. And all from a loosely conservative perspective. What does that mean? It means I'm not a tight-ass, like a lot of Republicans, but I'm also not a relativist, like a lot of Democrats. In other words, I know there's a right and wrong, and why.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping through - and for writing - and I hope you'll be back:

    You're one of the reasons people like me do blogs like this in the first place.


  3. Ah, so now I know why I blog ;)

    USA needs a couple more viable parties for people who stand somewhere in the middle between Alabama and SF. I lived on Treasure Island for a short time when I was working in Downtown, and frankly couldn't stand the seemingly inbred leftyism in SF. Its as unthinking as hardcore right wingers in the South, is what I mean. South Park's Smug Alert so hits it the nail on the head.

    Cheers Man, I'll be sure to check in on your blog.