Saturday, May 24, 2008

Put A Fork In This NewAge Turkey: She's Done

If it wasn't so sick it would be enough to make even me laugh:

Hillary Clinton has admitted she's been over-staying her welcome in the Democratic primary race because - you never know - somebody might kill Barack Obama! Say "goodnight," Gracie, the party's (finally) over.

And she can't even blame Bill now, much less the rest of the men in America. Nope: she can only blame herself - and her own sick little NewAge mind.

"The term New Age (sometimes called the New Age Movement), refers to both a decentralized social phenomenon and a western socio-religious movement which developed in the 1970-80s. It combines aspects of spirituality, esotericism, complementary and alternative medicine, and includes religious practices from many sources across the world, as well as environmentalism. It is characterized by an eclectic and individual approach to spirituality, and a general rejection of dogma. Other terms used to describe the movement include Self-spirituality, New spirituality, and Mind-body-spirit."

-- Wikipedia

I've been studying NewAge for just a few years now. But, even after all this time, I still don't "get" how so many confused cowards can be filled with such burning ambition - an ambition to control the rest of us. They have to know the darkness that's entwined with their beliefs. They just have to - it's simply impossible to miss it. Especially because it keeps blurting out in such unusual ways.

Any normal person - I'll use myself as an example (heh-heh) - is well aware of "the evil that lurks in the hearts of men" (as they used to say on The Shadow) we joke about it with friends, and write books, or movies, or songs, about all the thoughts that we have no ambition or desire to ever carry out or see happen. But NewAgers? Those idiots deny such things ever occur to them. No, they're just fountains of peace and light, always attempting to shame the rest of us with their piety.

Meanwhile, of course, they're scamming people with Homeopathy, talking people out of taking their cancer medications, convincing people of "chakras," scaring almost everyone batshit crazy with their end-of-the-world notions, screwing their Buddhist and meditation students, ignoring the social boundaries within communities and families, and, clearly, wishing some (black) folks dead. I tell you, it's one hell of a belief system: they're our last Rebels Without Cause.

Anyone that reads this blog could've seen this coming. I've been writing about the Clinton's NewAge beliefs, lack of integrity, and racist blunders, since I started this thing. I even did a post on the Clintons called "Somebody's Gonna Get Whacked," so - if you've really investigated this site - there's no way you couldn't have missed their train of thought - or the eventual disaster that was on the way. It's been steaming right at us all along. Everyone already sees it, but they just don't mention it much, for some reason that's totally unknown to me.

My only question (which I asked repeatedly) is when is journalism going to start dissecting it themselves. Not just in the Clintons but in the others that believe such things too: Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Ken Wilber, Sheryl Crowe, Madonna, Rhonda Byrne, Deepak Chopra, Cherie Blair, Jane Fonda - they've all said, and promoted, similarly outlandish things, that should give everyone pause. But - simply because they're rich and/or well-known - reporters have looked the other way, or made silly excuses for them, when there's no excuse in the world good enough for all the nonsense, and mayhem, they've unleashed just behind the curtain of their fame. What did David Bowie and John Lennon say about fame?:

"Makes a man take things over / makes him loose and hard to swallow / puts you there where things are hollow."

Tell me that doesn't describe, perfectly, the NewAge cultists who are parading regularly across our TV screens, admonishing us to join in their spiritual bandwagon. Oh, they know so much better than us how to save the planet, as they hypocritically do the opposite of everything they say. Why a paper like the New York Times will write about them (and even give them a special Self-Help book section) - but won't seriously investigate them - is the most vexing question I've encountered since I started my research on the matter. I've always thought that was exactly what newspapers were for.

Well, pretend to be shocked if you guys want, because I'm not. The cognitive dissonance of NewAge thinking will repeatedly make this happen. It'll hit Barack Obama too - again - because he's just as mixed up in this mess as Hillary.

Oprah's standing just off stage, with Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Marianne Williamson, and more, just as Bill and Hillary have Jean Houston and Ken Wilber, and has their astrologers, and "Hollyweird" has Scientology, and there's the reach of the Landmark Forum, and so on.

It's really long past time for America to start dismantling the whole ugly occult regime before we all find out what else they have in store for us. I know - some people will call it a witch hunt - but, truth be told, they've been casting a spell, over far too many, for a long, long, time.

And now that, once again, we can see just how dark things can get, isn't it about time we "cast them all out" before they can carry on with their plans - to do us all in?


  1. Thats funny, if someone now puts a cap in his new age ass, she will regret this interview for ever.

    Nice entertaining work! I really do enjoy your blog.

    You left out Nancy Reagan though. Is that because she had nothing at all to do with astrology and never influenced the President with that baloney ;)


  2. No, its because Reagan was a Republican and this is a Republican blog. :-)

    Stick around, you'll figure it out...

  3. Message to the NewAge Democrats:

    You cannot read minds!

    Quit trying to presume you know why I do what I do.

    I haven't covered Nancy Reagan because:

    1) It's ancient history, politically-speaking.

    2) She's not running for anything.

    3) She got slammed for it - something I notice nobody's doing to Hillary. (Why not, assholes? If it was good enough for Nancy, why not Hillary? Or Obama - or's ties to it - you fucking hypocrites,...)

    4) NewAge is a Left-wing phenomena with none of the over-sight we put on Right-wing religious groups. And they get away with murder and you assholes say nothing. (The average Christian group does more to fight woo than all the Democrats combined. They were on to NewAge when the average skeptic was still trying to meditate. Sam Harris, anyone?

    And one more thing:

    You dickheads may be so partisan that you let it color your vision but not me. I may be a firm Republican but I'm also a patriot. I don't mind being challenged or corrected - check the comments to see - but lying about me is something I ain't going for:

    Accuse me of playing favorites again and you'll never see another comment of yours again. It's my fucking blog.