Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zappa: Zapping The Weirdos

The Mystery Man came over
And he said: "I'm outta-site!"
He said, for a nominal service charge,
I could reach nirvana tonight
If I was ready, willing, and able
To pay him his regular fee
He would drop all the rest of his pressing affairs
And devote his attention to me
But I said . . .
Look here brother,
Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

-- Frank Zappa, "Cosmik Debris"

1 comment:

  1. I can think of another song where FZ attends to these matters - from Joe's Garage:

    "Don't you be terrified
    It's just a token of my extreme.
    Don't you ever try to look behind these eyes
    Its just a lot of nothin' so what can it mean."

    (get the picture :)

    I think it describes just how cults work, urging people to 'keep an open mind'.