Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Three Clowns Of The ApocaLepht

"The inability to concede error or defeat — even in light of irrefutable, empirical evidence and in the face of spiraling support and tanking morale."

-- Slate writer Dahlia Lithwick's definition of feminism - that could easily be shared with, both, the Democratic Party (which has lost 7 of the last 10 presidential elections) and the New Age Movement (whose "alternative" medicine, and other obsessions, repeatedly fail tests for efficacy) - none of which has ever apologized for their views - or, more importantly, even reconsidered them - after problems they've caused had become clearly apparent.


  1. The actual quote:

    "I suppose you can call all this “feminism.” But, as my husband pointed out this morning, if the inability to concede error or defeat—even in light of irrefutable, empirical evidence and in the face of spiraling support and tanking morale—is feminism, George Bush must be the feminist icon of the ages."

    Nice try though.

  2. Wait: because she followed the quote with a dig at Bush, that makes the statement about feminism (what I found to be the important part) invalid? Or do I detect you thinking I'm trying to pull some kind of a "fast one" because I don't think the dig at Bush makes for a good analogy?

    Whether President Bush is being stubborn or resolute - and what errors, in hindsight, have been made - is now for history to decide. None of this is finished yet. And I betcha the writer nor her husband (nor you) can point anywhere and say there's "irrefutable, empirical evidence" that "defeat" of any kind - military, political, or social - has occurred. That's just wishful thinking - and a demoralizing form of wishful thinking that, "irrefutable empirical evidence" shows, is against America's interest.

    That's that "tanking morale" part, which the Left keeps throwing up. But lets not fool each other: the Left never liked the president so let's not pretend there's anything new here. It's been 8 years of hell ever since. I'm not saying it's all the Dems fault but I am saying they've been no help. Result: "tanking morale".

    Anyway, my point is things may not be as they seem, regarding the president, while the quote still captures the dynamic of the feminist movement perfectly. And that's why I used it.

    Don't be paranoid. I ain't the enemy.

  3. I'm trying to pull some kind of a "fast one"

    It could be that you just didn't understand the thrust of the writer's original, in-context construction.

    1. If (contention writer is dismissing as invalid)

    2. then (example showing how contention is revealed as absurd when carried to its logical conclusion)

    Example: If wearing a funny hat makes someone the pope, then my neighbor's kid should be selecting a new archbishop right now.

    On the other hand, maybe you did understand it and are instead being dishonest, taking the original quote out of context so you can twist it to assert the opposite of what she intended - that would explain why you didn't link.

    Only you know for sure.

  4. News to good luck: despite all the assholes who hide behind the idea, taking a quote out of context ain't dishonest. People say shit, you quote 'em. Period. How long a quote is depends on the writer.

    And I didn't take the original quote out of context so I can "twist it to assert the opposite of what she intended" but so I can assert what I found relevant. If her contention (regarding Bush) is absurd, I'm under no obligation to trumpet it, so I didn't. If you agree with her contention - after I showed why it could be wrong - well, those are your standards, not mine.

    Like I said, you're paranoid, and intent on demoralization: a pure product of the Maharishi's influence. Unable to think imaginatively, or for yourself, and unable to assess information involving complexity - reality itself.

    I don't think politics is your game, GL.

  5. ....taking a quote out of context ain't dishonest... I'm... paranoid, and intent on demoralization...

    OK, thanks for the belated admission.

  6. That train done left the station long time ago, macho man!

    good'un. good luck!