Monday, May 12, 2008

The Holistic World Of Hillary & Houston

"Clinton's problem may be that Obama embodies a female, while Clinton has become mired in emulating the male.”
-- Robin Abcarian, in an article on Jean Houston, in the Los Angeles Times

In other words: we may get our first female president no matter what happens! (I'd love to hear Obama's take on that shit,...)

Before Hillary Clinton gets kicked to the curb, let's pin down some of this NewAge advisor business. The Clinton's have many - including the cult leader, Ken "suck my dick" Wilber - but I'm going to focus on Houston. According to this article - and my own super-fast research on Google and Wikipedia:

-- Jean Houston is the founder and chief teacher of the so-called Mystery School.

No mystery there. All future presidents need that. It's a foreign policy requirement.

-- Jean Houston is a leader in the "Human Potential Movement" which "researchers in psychology, medicine, and science dismiss as being grounded in pseudoscience and psycho-babble, and whose efficacy can be explained entirely by placebo."

And leaping. Always a lot of leaping.

-- Jean Houston lives in a "double geodesic dome".

Because that house you live in is just so, you know, passe. All those square corners block the spiritual energy,...or something.

-- Jean Houston, as a child, spent time talking to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin whose work is described by some as "pure mysticism".

And, as we all know, talking to French mystics is a damn good start for any American child. "It takes a village,..."

-- Jean Houston's forbears include the Confederates (and unrepentant slave owners) Sam Houston, and Robert E. Lee, while her father was a comedy writer.

I get the joke: The Clintons are closet racists. Both they, and Houston, want slaves. Houston lives in Ashland, Oregon, which is 90% white.

It's like when the great drunken Buddhist master, Chögyam "crazy wisdom" Trungpa (above) crashed his sports car into a joke shop before choosing his "dharma heir" who, knowingly, gave his followers AIDS.

"Cosmic" humor. Don't strain yourself.

-- Jean Houston lives in a "town of theater lovers and spiritual seekers."

Which sounds like a gay community ("47.5% are non-families"). Not only that but women outnumber the men, and Ashland's residents think the water is "curative". (Sadly, I couldn't find the homeopathy sales figures for Ashland.)

Also, older residents are leaving this spiritual paradise and - no surprise here - the schools are closing. Kids don't need an education in a town filled with "spiritual seekers", right?

-- Jean Houston is "a prolific author of books, her PBS Special 'A Passion for the Possible' has been widely viewed."

And, of course, this is more of that NewAge programming supported by the money of "the Queen of the NewAge" Louise Hay.

-- Jean Houston was perhaps formerly best known for her involvement with Margaret Mead, who "was a champion of broadened sexual mores within a context of traditional western religious life," and was "usually wearing a distinctive cape and carrying a tall, forked walking stick."

Because a broom was too obvious.

-- Jean Houston, was "something of a secret emotional life raft" to Hillary Clinton.

Secret = Hidden = Occult = Jean Houston = Hillary Clinton. Who, during this campaign, tried to sell us on the idea she was a life-long Methodist. You bought that shit, didn't you?

-- Jean Houston thinks Hillary Clinton is a "priestess".

See last reference.

-- Jean Houston says she "was not Clinton's spiritualist," though she's "giving seminars on,...'spirituality'".

Circular thinking and/or lying. According to Wikipedia, Houston is "a leading figure in the cross-cultural study of spirituality and ritual processes."

-- Jean Houston "had helped,...Hillary Clinton in imaginary conversations with,...Eleanor Roosevelt."

Talking to the dead (occult) about "imaginary" things - like becoming president.

-- Jean Houston's "imaginary conversations" with Hillary Clinton "had been taped".

Just to clear things up: let's hear that tape!

--Jean Houston "can see how" Clinton would lie about Bosnia because Clinton's "been under sniper fire for 20 years".

And - since there's no "right" and "wrong" in occult thinking - lying isn't a problem to Jean Houston. As the piece on Louise Hay said, NewAgers have "an ambivalence about what most of us would call truth."

--Jean Houston was asked by the White House "to stop talking."

But Jean Houston, the good citizen, is still talking.

Jean Houston found "there was not much support" from Hillary Clinton after the media found out she was helping her.

No surprise there: according to the Law of Quantum Failure, Houston's therapy worked exactly as planned.

Oh, what a wonderful world,...

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