Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wake Up, America: We Do The Heavy Lifting

"Europeans have long enjoyed the free ride of U.S. military protection while enjoying even more their freedom to criticize how that protection is provided."

-- The editors, on Yurp turning down Barack Obama's request for troops, in the Wall Street Journal.


  1. While we've been racking up record financial and trade deficits, shipping our manufacturing base overseas and borrowing massive amounts of money from China to launch wars we can't afford, Europe has been busily building infrastructure and forging trade alliances with emerging Asian markets.

    "Wake Up!" is right! Unless we start re-establishing some sort of priorities based on ECONOMIC NATIONALISM, we're going to head into the 21st century as a hollowed out Banana Republic not even South American tourist dollars can save.

  2. i can't disagree with our racking up of debt however trade deficits are mostly an accounting illusion and we need to ship most but not all our manufacturing out of the states.

    economies progress. we don't want to be a primarily manufacturing country like in the 50s. we are now a service and wealth driven economy. people envy us. that's good.

    our economic situation isn't anything near the level of your histronics. calm down and go educate yourself with some facts.

  3. Appreciate the response but economies can't run on "envy" and services alone - there has to be something of REAL VALUE created or else the whole thing starts to look like a bubble.

    Borrowing from foreigners to prop up our currency and then binge spending on things that produce no discernable value are OK as short term strategies but as long-term policies they seem less than desirable.

    Who knows? We may get lucky and the bill will never come due. To me though it definitely seems like the trends which began under Clinton and have accelerated under Bush have left us a spent force.

    The only good news is that whoever is president next is going to inherit such a massive debt that they will have very little room to maneuver.

  4. What's wrong with identifying yourselves? This sounds like nobodies arguing amongst themselves.

    I am glad you at leat realise that the current deficit is unsustainable. America is not supporting anything when it has that level of debt; it's holding on for grim life and hoping that it's creditors never call it in. Responsible administrators understand this. Unfortunately you don't have that - you have profligate spenders instead.

    It's not all Bush's fault. When he proposed a two trillion and then a three trillion budget, Congress should have been brave enough to say "WTF? No fucking way!! We can't afford that" (in those exact terms)

  5. You guys sound like a panic attack.

    But I agree with Berko:

    You could sign in anonymously but still add a name to your posts.