Sunday, July 27, 2008

No, No: It's Her NewAge Beliefs That Stink

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Former Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards stands on the brink of losing everything - his marriage, his chances for the VP nomination, even his Senate seat - and once again it all comes down to poor judgement. The National Enquirer has published allegations of an illicit affair with Rielle Hunter and subsequent pregnancy- all while his wife recovers from a second bout with breast cancer.

At the core of Edwards' troubles is that Hunter is just not that hot. Photos chosen to accompany the original story were dumpy, even downright haggish. Chalk that up to sensationalism or bias if you like, but the fact remains that the unattractive, disheveled cat is now out of the bag. The world is now aware that John Edwards valued his family and political career so little that he was willing to risk them both on the affections of a woman who constantly looks as though she's smelling something putrid, leaving the public to assume that she is the most likely source of the odor.

That is simply not Vice Presidential.

-- The Staff, nailing the obvious, at Ridiculopathy

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