Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Redeemer Has Arrived!

Saving the planet is, ultimately, not about continuing our present levels of consumption, only doing so using greener technology than at present. Saving the planet means using less. Period."

-- Lynette Evans, the San Francisco Chronicle's self-appointed "village scold," who's determined (I shit you not:) "to point out the road to redemption," for the SFGate

That quote is from a post called, "Why recession is good for the planet," which caught my eye because, just yesterday, an idiot told me he wanted to see $10.00 a gallon gas prices - so we'd all have to start riding bicycles! - just like him! I swear, these people are crazy. Didn't they ever see the "Smug Alert" episode of South Park (above) and notice what assholes they are - loving the smell of their own farts? They pay no mind to anything but themselves and what they "feel" is right - but can you imagine what $10.00 a gallon gas would do to the price of food for people who couldn't afford the nifty $500.00+ bicycle that environmental douchebag was riding?

In the case of Lynette Evans, she'll be happy to learn I'm already "using less":

I don't buy her shitty paper anymore.

And, I'm sure, we'll both be happy when she loses her position as "Miss Information" because of it.

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