Thursday, July 31, 2008

NewAge Bastard

"The birth certificate of a child who a tabloid newspaper claims is linked to former Sen. John Edwards doesn't identify a father.

The certificate, obtained by The Charlotte Observer today, shows Frances Quinn Hunter was born Feb. 27, more than two months after an Edwards aide claimed to be the father. Andrew Young, a former Edwards campaign finance director, claimed paternity in a statement from his lawyer posted at the political blog

The girl was born at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, Calif., to Rielle Jaya James Druck, also known as Rielle Hunter. Hunter, 44, was a videographer on Edwards' presidential campaign last year.

Asked Thursday why no father was listed on the birth certificate, Hunter's attorney, Robert Gordon of New York, said, 'A lot of women do that.' Reminded that he and Hunter had publicly revealed the father's identity two months earlier to the National Enquirer, Gordon said, "That's a personal matter between them."

Gordon declined to comment further."
-- Lisa Zagaroli and Lorenzo Perez, following this NewAge nonsense to it's natural NewAge conclusion, over at The News And Observer

I don't think I have to remind regular readers that stands for "My Direct Democracy" and it's run by "noted astrologer Jerome Armstrong" who is down with The Daily Kos, home of the netroots movement that's been attempting - through Barack Obama, who is already backed by the very-NewAge Oprah Winfrey - to push America as far to the Left as possible. Rielle Hunter, of course, is a big NewAger as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the damaging and demoralizing forces of occult NewAge spirituality are, finally, running head-on into the very-real wall of American politics and, if handled correctly, will break wide-open for all to see.

And, if so, there'll be a new, post-racial, black man that everyone's gonna have to start talking to,...but I ain't naming no names.

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